new roof almost complete at cumberland regional high school; solar panels on the way by fall

by:Tunto     2020-03-30
TWP at Deerfield. —
Cumberland Regional High School (CRHS)
Students will start 2011
The 12-year school year under the roof of the new house is expected to end soon thereafter.
Roof replacement work was delayed due to rain and too hot weather, but Florence-
Roof contractors based in Jottan, Inc.
Finishing work is expected by mid-term
In August, according to Andrew McLean, regional chief of commerce.
\"What they are looking at is the flashing and metal work around the hat, the flashing of the vertical wall and the top, but the roof itself, all the film and all the things that make the roof waterproof, \"McIlvaine said.
After the school district asked for a bid for a solar project in June, Ray Angelini, Inc. , an electrical contract and engineering company.
He was selected as the winner of the contract from Sewell.
The project is in the process of signing the final contract and the construction schedule.
The CRHS solar panel project will build a steel canopy in the faculty parking lot on the east side of the facility with fixed photos
Install the photovoltaic solar panels above.
This design replaces the original concept of combining roof and solar projects, which will require expensive removable panels to be installed on top of the building.
\"Based on the conversation with the contractor, we expect the preparation of the solar panel site to be completed by the end of the summer,\" McIlvaine said . \".
\"Most of the work is underground, so they have to dig holes, pour concrete and wait for the concrete to set.
There are basically three stages of the project: the preparation of the site, the steel works, and the placement of solar panels.
\"The representative of Ray Angelini said.
It is estimated that the steel canopy will be built in about 7 to 10 working days, and the installation of solar panels will be completed soon.
\"It\'s a very, very short project and we just have to keep it going.
It may take a few weeks to get ready, so we are thinking about 30-to 45-
Contrary to the whole autumn and the whole spring of the roof project, \"McIlvaine said he pointed out that the schedule will be worked out, so there will be no disruption to traffic flow, including the teacher\'s parking or education process.
Although the budget for roof and solar projects is about $9.
9 million, says McIlvaine, it looks like the final number will drop sharply.
Contract with Jottan, Inc.
It was signed for $4.
2 million, well below $5.
The roof project is expected to be 5 million.
McIlvaine explained that the budget figure includes $3. 4-
Million grants from the State Administration of school development (SDA)
Will be provided proportionally according to the actual cost;
If 75% of the roof project is completed in the area, 75% of the $3 will be obtained. 4-
Million SDA Award
\"We have received bond yields from local stocks and any unspent funds in the total amount of the project --
Roof and solar-
\"Basically going back to taxpayers in the form of debt relief, but how this will happen remains to be seen,\" McIlvaine said . \".
\"We can basically buy back some bonds or use them to pay back the bonds for a period of time, but we haven\'t.
\"What remains to be determined is how much revenue the solar energy project will generate by selling solar renewable energy credits (SRECs).
In the summer, solar panel projects will generate energy that exceeds the needs of the facility.
Once credit is generated and ready to be put on the market, this energy can be sold as a sreccs at a determined price.
With the sales of srescs, it is expected that 10-
The percentage reduction in electricity charges will also help later
McIlvaine noted that since the roof leaks have been fixed, CRHS will no longer \"maintain the business of the manufacturer or seller of ceiling tiles \".
\"We spend $20,000 a year on ceiling tiles --
In a big storm, if it weren\'t for hundreds of ceiling tiles, we would really go through dozens of times.
\"When they were nearing completion, there were no leaks in the last few storms we experienced,\" McIlvaine said . \".
\"Before they worked on the roof, there was water flowing into the room of the girls team.
As a joke, I have said to the contractor a few times and the girls will miss the nature of their water.
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