north korean pirates loot japanese villages and steal washing machines, motorbikes and solar panels to sell back home

by:Tunto     2020-04-15
Desperate North Korean fishermen are becoming pirates, robbing homes on islands to get goods they can\'t afford in rogue countries.
When the Japanese coast guard slammed a stranded ship near an uninhabited island near Hokkaido, it was revealed.
When authorities shut down the ship, 10 North Korean sailors on board were found dumping loot outside the ship.
According to sources, a TV, solar panel, motorcycle, refrigerator, rice cooker and generator were found missing in a looted cabin visited by fishermen.
When the Coast Guard tried to retrieve what had been thrown into the water, the authorities found a TV and several other electrical appliances on board.
The guard said the solar panels of the lighthouse on the island were missing.
North Korea said it left the northeastern port of Chongjin in September, fishing for squid in the Sea of Japan before the steering wheel failed about a month ago.
The Coast Guard said they also said they had temporarily taken refuge on the island due to bad weather.
On Sunday, in Hokkaido, the wooden boat was towed into a port outside the library and was inspected by police and the Coast Guard.
Officials are also questioning the crew.
In Tokyo, the government\'s top spokesman, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga, said he hoped \"not to prejudge the matter because the investigation is still underway.
\"This year, a string of unidentified wooden boats apparently from North Korea were washed up on the coast of the Sea of Japan.
The local government said four suspected bodies from North Korea were found on the northern coast on Monday.
Three of them were considered male, found in Yamagata prefecture, partially broken into bones, and another floating near the fishing port.
According to the source of the investigation, police found one or more North Korean badges with bodies.
They are investigating a potential connection to a capsized ship found Saturday in neighboring Akita.
In Akita County, a skeleton and pieces of wood on a damaged ship were also found on Monday.
On November, eight North Korean men were detained after a wooden boat was found on the Akita coastline. 23.
The remains of eight people were later discovered on a Japanese unmanned \"ghost boat\", the latest in a series of shocking seaside discoveries.
On Monday, when officials found the crew\'s 23-foot wooden boat washed up on a beach in northern Akita, some bodies had become bones.
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