now even apartment dwellers can use solar power

by:Tunto     2020-01-31
In recent years, with the relaxation of regulations and the decline in prices, more and more New York homeowners have begun to use solar energy.
But most of the time, apartment residents are kept in the dark.
However, starting this summer, rent r and homeowners in buildings that live on roofs that do not or cannot install solar panels can join an organization known as the community solar group.
In short, these groups allow someone in the Manhattan apartment to lower the electricity bill by connecting to the solar panel, which happens to be located on the roof of the Bronx warehouse.
\"I think community solar provides equal solar energy for people in our cities,\" said Taka Juba, owner of Manhattan apartments . \", He joined the city\'s first community solar Group, operated by IPPsolar in Manhattan.
Solar company.
\"Anything that offsets your bill is great, but it also has an impact on society and the environment.
\"These community groups essentially represent the sale of solar energy to a local power company, which in turn gives the group members a discount on electricity bills.
Discounts per member vary depending on the size of the group\'s solar array system
That\'s the combination of several solar panels.
And the number of team members.
There are four groups.
Connect the prong system for hosts, sponsors, utilities, and customers.
Owners or commercial building owners either purchase their own solar array system or rent their roof space to sponsors who will design, operate and maintain the system.
The sponsor will then sell the solar energy produced as a solar credit to a utility company that, in the case of New York City, is United Edison.
Even though anyone in the city where ConEd pays the electricity bill can sign up for a community solar group and get a discount.
Customers pay bills by subscription manager or third party
A billing supplier who provides a fee breakdown. In Mr.
In the case in Juba, he got a bill from the Arcadia Power Company in Washington. C. -
Headquartered in energy technology, the company offers a personalized online dashboard showing how much energy is gained from renewable resources.
Several community solar groups are starting and running in the city, including a solar group run by local solar developer Daroga Power, with some more expected next year.
Many people in the first group do not charge membership fees, and they guarantee customers a 10-15% reduction in monthly electricity bills.
Maziar Dalaeli, partner of IPPsolar, said that the amount of electricity generated by the solar array system, the number of users and the amount of electricity used by each household will determine the individual discount.
The terms, rates and products of different groups are different.
Some ask customers to agree to a price-
Lock, or fixed electricity bill for several years.
Other people may charge membership fees per year.
Customers who choose to join the community solar group will never disconnect from ConEd and will continue to pay for the connection and other expenses through the subscription manager\'s bill. Mr.
Dalaeli said that the first group of IPPsolar had a few months. to-
Monthly contract, the account can be transferred to a different address if the customer moves within five administrative regions.
The number of users in a group will be limited to 25 so that the company can make sure everyone gets a discount.
\"With further acceptance of the community solar concept, we will be able to build a larger system that will help expand the number of people in a group,\" he said . \".
IPPsolar gets power from the solar array system on the roof of truck and trailer Services Ltd.
Brooklyn, east of New York
Michael Rogers, the owner of truck repair and customization, said that as the host, he received a rebate from the New York State Energy Research and Development Bureau, with the reduction of the city real estate tax.
\"If I see that I\'m saving money, I can use it to train and hire more people,\" he said . \"
Rogers, who believes in his environmental awareness (
He drives Tesla).
Before renting their own roof space, he said, business owners in some areas were eager to see how the system developed for him.
\"I like everything about solar energy in the community, so I don\'t mind being a guinea pig,\" he said . \".
Mark Weiss, the owner of the townhouse in the Union Square area of Manhattan, signed a contract with the community solar group operated by the Gotham community solar and clean choice energy company, he said, he is a game for any project that reduces carbon footprint.
When he asked about the installation of solar panels a few years ago, he was disappointed to find that his roof was not suitable for solar panels.
\"I expect solar energy to be the main energy source for many communities in the future, so joining the community solar group is my vote for it,\" he said . \"
Wes\'s solar energy comes from an array of buildings in gaowanas, Brooklyn.
Part of the list of community solar groups can be found in New York State Energy Research and Development Council and sustainable New York City University.
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