poland to invest in solar panels as power prices rise

by:Tunto     2020-04-14
WARSAW (Reuters)-
Poland expects its power capacity to increase by at least 200 MW (MW)
The minister of entrepreneur spirit and technology said that due to plans to motivate smaller power consumers to invest in solar panels, they will be available every year in the coming years.
Most of the electricity produced and used in Poland comes from aging coal
Therefore, the rise in carbon emissions costs has driven the rise in electricity prices.
In 2015, the ruling party and the Justice Party were elected on the basis of a commitment to maintain the coal industry and introduced policies that made investment in renewable energy more difficult.
However, due to the need to meet the EU\'s targets in renewable energy, the government changed direction last year and approved a legal amendment in June to reduce the obstacles faced by green energy investment.
Nevertheless, the government is inconsistent in energy policy, with Energy Minister krzysztotchorzewski supporting coal, while Minister of start-up and technology Jadwiga Emilewicz
Emilewicz proposes to introduce incentives for families, small companies and local authorities to invest in solar panels so that they can generate electricity for their own needs and resell what they don\'t use.
These temptations include subsidies, easier financing and less red tape.
\"It is likely that energy prices will not fall by 2020 and beyond, and other solutions will need to be sought in addition to temporary cuts, as there are limited types of available tools,\" Emilewicz told Reuters.
\"That\'s why we have prepared a project to develop prosumer energy,\" she said . \" She refers to people who produce and consume.
\"If the price of electricity sold by large power producers does not fall, then individual consumers do not have to pay for it and will not pay less because of the consumption of energy.
In the second half of 2018, the wholesale price of electricity in Poland rose sharply.
In December, the ruling party passed a law aimed at preventing rising household and industrial electricity prices before the 2019 autumn election.
Emilewicz noted what she called a \"snowball\" interest in incentives for banks and investors, and said it should help Warsaw achieve its EU renewable energy goals.
\"Due to the plan, we expect to install solar panels with a total capacity of 200 MW in 2019.
We hope to add about 200 MW of solar panels each year in the next few years, \"Emilewicz added.
Poland currently has about 300 megawatts of installed solar panels.
Due to the high cost of investment and the lack of sunlight, solar energy has so far met only a small part of the country\'s energy needs, but the price of solar modules is falling rapidly and becoming more effective.
Plan for the Ministry of Energy to build coal-
Emilewicz said fuel power plants in Ostroleka, northeast Poland, have been criticized by green groups and analysts, \"the Polish region is a gap in energy, where a new way of generating electricity should be established.
The question is, what kind of fuel is used?
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