power bank with solar panels

by:Tunto     2020-02-20
Hello everyone! How do you do?
How is this project-
My name is Konstantin and today I will make this power Library with solar panels.
Some time ago, I used to try and build a Mendocino car that cost about $ hundred, but it didn\'t work anyway, and I put the solar panels aside.
Now, I found it and decided to set up an electric Bank considering how to deal with it.
I made a model for the 3d printer that will contain a 18650 battery and two modules
DC converter and li-
Ion charger, I think I also need to use a boost converter from solar panel to charger, but it works fine without it.
I always don\'t have reviews from people with 3d printers, but we live in 2017 and 3d printers are not expensive and you can also find specialized websites where people can print your models for a few bucks.
First of all, I make a brass plate for a battery seat, cut it, clean it, weld the wire, stick it to the scene, and fix it with the battery you\'re going to use.
Then I weld the module, my li-
Ion Charger Module has
Discharge protection, so the circuit diagram is very simple, and-
Connect the battery to the same pin on the board and output the charger to 5 v DC input
DC boost converter and-
Pins near the micro USB can be connected to the solar panel.
Glue the module with hot glue, if you print with PLA filament, this is a great chance of melting, so I put the aluminum plate under the model and it works like a radiator. I use serial-
The parallel connection of the solar panel, so one end is a jumper and the other end is-output.
Glue one of the panels together.
Final welding
Solar panels for charger modules.
I know a lot of people don\'t like the Super Battery, but if what you buy is really good, yes, the capacity is twice as low, but the price is less than $1, show me something better?
Fix the battery with tape.
There is some glue on the joint.
Finally, we can go now.
I\'m going to use this power supply as an emergency, you put it in your backpack and forgot for a month, if your phone suddenly dies, we can charge a few phones, listen to the music for hours.
Hope you like it, that\'s all I got today. See you soon!
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