power lights up the lives of residents of a tiny islet

by:Tunto     2020-04-27
For the inhabitants of the island neelakantarayandi, downstream of the Narayanpur Dam opposite Krishna, after turning on the first light in their house, it was a dream come true
\"The cost of this project is RS 6.
Lakh paid by 30 London
Headquartered in Armstrong energy worldwide.
Celco Light Private Limited provides the required technical equipment for the project at the actual purchase price.
Therefore, the cost of installing solar systems on the island is greatly reduced, \"Prasanna heegde, assistant general manager of Celco Light Private Limited, told Hinduism by phone on Saturday in Dharwad.
There are 40 houses on the island, including several cabins, offering electricity and Celco Light Ltd.
Provided a 5-watts Light-
Each house has LED bulbs powered by solar panels.
Magsh Hande, winner of masasai Award, chairman of Celco Solar Lighting Co. , Ltd.
, Has been trying to bring electricity to the island. Mr.
Hande, who visited the island, prepared a survey report and persuaded Armstrong Energy Global to provide the needed assistance.
A local Nanaguda Patil supported Rs.
1 lakh for maintenance.
\"For everyone on the island, it was an extraordinary day, and for the first time we saw electricity on the island, during the monsoon, it was surrounded by water and isolated from the main land, \"said Lakshman, a resident of the island.
However, another outstanding demand for residents to build a suspension bridge on the Krishna River to enter the main land has not yet been met.
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