technology: developing nations turn to solar power

by:Tunto     2020-02-02
While solar power is often a gimmick in industrialized countries, its use is growing rapidly in developed countries, says dan charles.
Last week, Guatemala\'s minister of energy and mining, Carlos Lionel tarte Castro, announced a plan to set up a series of small solar power stations in rural areas where electricity is currently unavailable.
The US solar industry is discussing similar initiatives with the governments of Panama and El Salvador.
According to Scott Skra of the American solar industry association, Third World countries bought the vast majority of solar equipment sold by U. S. companies last year.
Mexico alone has $80 million in sales.
Over the past two years, sales of global solar-powered devices have grown more, Sklar said.
Building solar power stations in remote villages is usually cheaper than introducing power lines, said Eric Daniels, marketing director of integrated power companies in Rockville, Md.
In addition to supplying power to families and schools in villages, remote stations are also used to supply power to telecom systems, pumping stations and refrigerators that keep medical supplies cold.
The easiest thing about this device is the solar panel that is connected to the battery.
It costs about $600 and provides lighting at home for a few hours a day.
Integrated Power Company recently installed a power station in Santa Maria Magdalena, idago, Mexico, which will provide 45 KW electricity
Time of daily power supply.
The factory combines solar panels, windmills and complementary diesel generators with batteries to store electricity for peaceful nights.
Most of the expansion in the solar sector comes from loans from international lenders.
Sklar said that Guatemala\'s Rural Electrified program, while supported by the government, will require financial assistance from abroad.
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