the 11 amazing (and not so amazing) amenities that get homes sold, according to zillow

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TruliaBy Joe Atmonavage | NJ Advance media is a fairly large colonial family with four bedrooms and three bathrooms located in a beautiful place, quiet neighborhoods won\'t jump off the screen because active buyers search through endless real estate sites.
If you want to sell your house, you have to dress up your list with excessive clothesthe-
Top adjectives, make any facility in your home that may be missing the next onZillow orTruliais the focus.
Zillowhas analyzed more than 100 listing terms, what are these features that make home sales premium or faster than other products.
The sales volume of houses in 2016 was 6 million units, and the sales volume of houses that buyers liked was 2017 units.
This is the list.
TruliaSteam show ersany home mentioned in their listing description that it has a \"steam shower \", this makes their sellers 29% higher than the highest feature of the zillow analysis of the selling price than the listing that did not mention it.
The picture above shows the bathroom of the $2 million Morris House.
According to a search for Zillow, of the more than 91,000 New Jersey homes for sale listed on their website, nearly 300 of the listings have descriptors \"steam shower \".
Home Blur\'s \"professional home appliances\" feature on the professional home appliance market also helps sellers get a 29% premium than homes without professional home appliances.
According to Zillow, there are currently 431 homes for sale in New Jersey, with \"professional equipment\" on the list \".
TruliaPizza ovensEveryone loves pizza, and if you have the ability to slide the pie into the oven in a comfortable home, you will reap more than those pizza lovers who cook pizza in a traditional oven.
Zillow found a house with a \"pizza oven\" at a 23% premium on their list.
In New Jersey, only 25 homes for sale listed the \"Pizza Oven\" as the highlight of their home.
The picture above shows the pizza oven insidea Brigantine home for $1. 9 million.
Zillow admits that facilities such as a steam shower or a pizza oven are more likely to be present in a luxury home, which is not what every potential buyer is looking for, writing \"all families are not equal, sellers at different prices will be attracted to different amenities and will be willing to pay extra.
\"TruliaSolar board (
House with lower price)
In terms of the house at the bottom price --
The third problem with Zillow\'s analysis is that \"solar panels\" are the most profitable features.
Sellers of these houses, without \"solar panels\" in their list, earned £ 40% more than houses with similar prices. This 1,684-square-
The foot Gloucester City house with solar panels on the back roof went public for $186,000.
Surprisingly, according to Zillow\'s search, there are \"solar panels\" in the list of only 67 houses for sale in New Jersey \".
Garage studio (mid-priced homes)
For homes priced in the middle of the market, a popular selling point is to have a property with a \"shed/garage studio\" that makes a net 24% premium for sellers.
According to Zillow\'s search, there are only 11 homes for sale in New Jersey with the label \"shed/garage studio\", including the stewarstewartsville home (pictured above)
The price is $459,900.
However, nearly 3,000 families are \"shed\" in their list. TruliaA Sub-Zero fridge (
House with higher price)
In a higher place
Zillow analysis, the website found that\"
\"Zero refrigerator\" is a valuable investment in luxury homes, because the price of houses with high-end refrigerators is 38% higher than that of expensive houses with ordinary refrigerators.
In New Jersey, there are more than 250 houses for sale with \"sub-
They don\'t have a refrigerator on their list.
The picture above is a $2 Kitchen.
Franklin Lakeswith 25 million submarineszero fridge.
Not everyone puts their own house on the market to make a big profit.
Sometimes the environment forces people to sell their houses in order to sell them as soon as possible.
Through their analysis, Zillow also found out which amenities in the list help families buy at the fastest speed.
On 2016, TruliaExposed brick \"exposed brick\" in a family\'s listingpropelled residence\"
Two weeks 2017 faster than no sale.
There are currently nearly 200 homes for sale in New Jersey, with \"bare bricks\" on the list \".
Other buzzwords that positive buyers like are \"open shelf\", \"double flush\", \"middle\"
Century \"and\" subway tiles.
\"The listing of the references to these terms is 10 days faster than what is not mentioned.
Zillow\'s approach is how Zillow analyzes the data: \"This analysis measures how the keywords listed in relation to different family traits affect the sale price and market time of the House and remain the sameWe analyzed 3.
6 million home sales between 2016 and 2017 to determine which home properties found in the listing description are related to higher sales prices and shorter time-to-market.
Multiple regression is used to control the age and size of the property, year of sale and quartercode-
Level ZHVI when listing (
Local market cost), MSA-
Compared with the national growth on the list, the growth level of ZHVI (
Hot local market
, The county value layer when listing. \"More N. J.
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