the renogy phoenix is a complete solar generator built into a briefcase

by:Tunto     2020-02-04
Thanks to advances in solar panels and lithium
Ion battery technology, portable solar generators have become an effective option to keep our devices charged, even when leaving the grid.
The days of solar charger failure and over-complexity have passed, as today\'s solar products offer clean portable power supplies almost anywhere we want to go.
Take the new Renault-Phoenix-in-
A solar kit, for example.
This is a lightweight and powerful solution that delivers everything you need in a compact package.
At first glance, the Phoenix looks a bit like any humble briefcase and you may see someone walking around on the city streets.
But when you open the case, you will find that there is a pair of 10-
Watt single crystal solar panels storing energy in generator users-
Replaceable 16Ah lithiumion battery.
Thanks to Phoenix\'s onboard AC inverter, two DC ports or four USB ports, the power supply in this battery can be used for charging almost any device. More: Rhino-
Rack\'s hybrid bike operator can safely transport any type of bike in addition to its built-in charging
In solar panels, Phoenix can also be plugged into the standard wall socket or power port of the car (
That is, cigarette lighter)too.
If users need to charge more quickly outdoors, they can even choose to add additional solar panels to the mixture.
With its full-load battery, the generator is able to power up to 32 times for the iPhone, 47 times for the GoPro camera, and up to 5 times for the laptop.
This device is also very fast in dispensing juice, and most gadgets charge roughly the same speed as the one inserted into the wall.
Tip the scale at 12
8 pounds, the Phoenix is heavy enough that most backpackers don\'t want to carry with them on their backcountry trip.
But when you consider everything that is included in the product design, it is not particularly heavy, depending on where you are going and what your power needs are when you get there.
For a long trip to an already established base camp, it is fast and easy to build this power supply.
You will be hard in this case
To find a better solution to keep your gear charged.
Phoenix Hotel Renault-J is priced at $589.
For more information, visit renogy. com.
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