the world\'s first solar panel road just opened in france

by:Tunto     2020-03-05
A one-kilometer-
In the village of Tulouvre, a long road paved with solar panels has been opened. -au-
Habitat in Normandy, France on Thursday-
Officials are reported to believe that all street lights in the city can be turned on.
The route, consisting of 30,000 square feet of solar panels, is strong enough to withstand the weight of large trucks. This road is the latest report.
The French Minister of Ecology, S_Gol_ne Royal, has high hopes for solar roads and plans to use solar panels every 1,000 kilometers (about 620 miles) of roads in France over 621,000 miles.
Unfortunately, due to the design of these panels-
They are flat, not curved like roofs. -Installation panel-
They consume less energy and cost more than regular batteries.
But according to Guadia, solar panel maker Colas plans to cut prices in the near future.
This time, the sun-
Absorbing road costs is about $5.
Build 2 million.
On the planned two roads, it is estimated that 2,000 people will use solar energy roads every day. -year test.
The plan is to see if the road will be electrified for all street lights in 3400 years. -
The Guardian reported that \"people town\".
It is reported that Coras has about 100 solar cells. -
Queuing of panel road projects-
Half of them are in France and the rest are in other parts of the world.
Given the challenges ahead, it\'s an interesting idea to readjust road use and change our view of highway construction.
Of course, asphalt engineering(
There are other ways to improve it). . .
But if civilization can do better, let\'s let it happen.
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