toxic fallout of china’s solar panel boom | the sunday times

by:Tunto     2020-03-19
In the West, solar panels have become a symbol of the development of clean energy, because people are becoming more and more aware of \"green.
However, in China, more than half of the world\'s solar panels are made of solar panels, and the production process of serious pollution has brought a heavy burden on the environment.
A survey by The Sunday Times found that air, soil and water pollution around solar energy, safety standard deviation, crop wilting and river poisoning --
Panel factory at the center of the renewable energy revolution.
Although the image of solar energy is spotless, there are a large number of examples of tetroloride Silicon contamination in China, which is a dangerous by-product
Polysilicon manufacturing products, the main components of the panel.
These include the discharge of harmful gases and the pollution of rivers. Solar-
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