toyota prius may get \'symbolic\' solar panels

by:Tunto     2020-03-26
Reuters and New Scientist staffToyota\'s next-generation Prius hybrid will install solar panels to power on
Electrical items such as air-
Air conditioning system is reported.
The third-generation model of the car will be launched next year. It can be driven by a gasoline engine or an electric motor, or both.
At present, I don\'t know how much the solar panels on the new Prius car cost, and how much solar energy there is-
The installation version Toyota will manufacture.
The company has been trying to meet demand for Prius in recent months as soaring gasoline prices have deterred consumers from thirsty sport utility vehicles (SUVs)
And pickup.
But Toyota faces growing competition in the hybrid market. Rival car-
Honda, the manufacturer, announced that it will take a new, low
The cost model at the beginning of next year, followed by several other hybrid models.
Other automakers work with battery manufacturers to develop and produce lithium-
Ion batteries store more energy in smaller packages to extend cruising distances.
Toyota aims to sell at least 1 million hybrid cars a year by providing fuel early in the next decade
Save system on more vehicles.
However, solar energy is not considered a viable way to power cars.
Independent tests of Prius cars show that they travel no more than 15 kilometers a day by solar energy alone.
A source familiar with Toyota\'s plans said solar panels were also expensive due to rising silicon prices and it was difficult to store energy.
\"It\'s more of a symbolic gesture,\" the source, who declined to be named, said . \".
\"It is much more difficult to generate electricity by solar energy than by solar energy.
Prius, the first mass in the world
Gasoline production-
At the end of 1997, hybrid electric vehicles were first listed in Japan and in other markets in 2000.
Since then, the company has sold more than 1 million cars around the world.
A Toyota spokesman declined to comment, saying the company did not talk about future product plans.
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