victoria offers half-price solar panels under new $1.24 billion scheme

by:Tunto     2020-03-27
According to the state\'s solar home program, many Victorian people are now eligible to install solar panels and receive special rebates.
Rebates available to owners-
The occupier of a property worth less than $3 million, and the total household income is less than $180,000.
The plan aims to install solar panels for 650,000 households in ten years.
Lily d. Ambrosio, minister of energy, environment and climate change, said, \"We provide half
Starting today, the price discount for solar panels to save Victorian money and have them control the electricity bill.
\"The solar home project will help 720,000 households cut energy bills through solar panels, solar hot water systems or solar cells.
\"The minister announced that eligible Victorian families with solar panels installed on or after August 19 can now apply for a rebate to cover half of the cost, up to $2225.
According to a media statement, the $1,000 rebate application for solar hot water systems is expected to open soon.
Rebates from eligible households with solar panels and solar hot water systems will continue until June 30.
The government will pay the full upfront cost of solar panel installation, and families can pay half of the cost through interestfree loan.
In the three weeks since the government announced the plan in August, more than 10,000 people have registered their interest in kickbacks.
The government says the new plan will help the Victorian save about $890 a year on electricity bills, a figure that has been debated by the national opposition.
In a statement earlier, Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said, \"only the labor force can help you install solar panels on your roof, reducing your electricity bill by about $900 a year.
Opposition Leader Matthew Guy thinks the government\'s prediction of household savings is wrong.
\"I \'ve been installing solar energy at home for about two years, and anyone who says that installing solar energy at home will reduce their bills by about $1000 a year, I think they\'re dreaming, said Mr. guy.
Sukh Dandiwal, who lives in southeast Melbourne, also expressed concern about the government\'s solar energy saving data.
\"We have a 7 KW solar system installed in our hotel.
But we haven\'t seen a real change in the energy bill yet . \"
\"About five years ago, we spent $6000 on solar installations.
But that\'s not what we expected.
I suggest that people calculate before they commit to spending money from their pockets.
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